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How to: Drift a Motorcycle

To begin my ‘How To:’ section I am focusing on drifting a Motorcycle. This video not only explains how to drift a motorcycle in subtitles but also has demonstrations on how much you should slow down and what angles to turn at. The whole point of using a drift when cornering is so that you can accelerate out of the turn and get a edge on your competition. The video outlines that the most important thing is to keep the back wheel spinning because if it locks the bike becomes very unsteady and can be dangerous.

As your going into the turn you need to use your front brake before slightly lifting your clutch. Keep it in this position before carefull using the rear break to drift. Too hard on the brake and it will lock causing a skid, too weak on the brake and you will not drift enough so you woill not get the most out of the turn.  If you manage to execute it perfectly you’ll look cool, anything else… well you’ll just have to keep practising. Good Luck!!

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